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At Balanced Blends, we blend just the right amount of vitamins and minerals to complete their nutritional needs and balance their ancestral diet.

We all know that a healthy diet means avoiding processed food and eating fresh and natural food. Going back to nature is why a raw diet is better for our cats and dogs. Raw, uncooked, diets retain more nutrients.

A balanced natural diet, that closely mimics their ancestral diet, provides the right nutrients for them to thrive, as mother nature intended.

Known Benefits of Raw

known benefits of raw

Raw Diets for Cats

Raw Diets for Cats

Balanced Blends Raw Cat Diets are formulated to mimic their ancestral diet with high quality meat, bone, and supplements with NO fruits or vegetables.

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Cats are strict carnivores. Their diet needs to be of high meat protein and low carbohydrates. Cats were not intended to eat a high amount of grains, potatoes, peas or any other carbohydrate based food. Their digestive systems are not design to process them.

Cats have a low thirst drive and receive most of their water from their food. Sufficient moisture is important for their urinary tract health. Raw diets are high in moisture, naturally supporting their needs.

Raw Diets for Dogs

Balanced Blends Raw Dog Diets are formulated to mimic their ancestral diet with high quality meat, bone, fruits, vegetables, and supplements.

Discover Raw Diet for Dogs

Raw Diets for Dogs

Dogs are hunters and scavengers. Their diet consists of mostly meat with some fruits and vegetables. Dogs thrive on a balanced natural raw diet that closely mimics their ancestral diet. Unlike cats, dogs eat small amount of fruits and vegetables in the wild as they scavenge on fruits and grass and their digestive tract is suited for these carbohydrate.


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We are eating a more NATURAL diet that is less processed and APPROPRIATE for us. Give your family the same NATURAL diet that is APPROPRIATE for their SPECIES.

Raw Pet Food for Cats and Dogs