Balanced Blends
raw diets for dogs

90% meat, organs, & bones

Organic fruits & vegetables

NO grains, NO gluten, NO fillers, NO artificial coloring, NO artificial preservatives.

Fresh & Wholesome Ingredients >

  • Human grade USDA cage-free chicken & all natural grass-fed beef
  • Organic fruits & vegetables 
  • No antibiotics & No added hormones
  • Wild caught salmon oil for Omega 3
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    Extra Safe Raw Diet >

    • High Pressured Processed (HPP) in final packaging (food is not re-exposed to re-contamination from processing into patties or nuggets after HPP)
    • "Test & Hold" Protocol (each batch is tested for pathogen and only released for sale after they are tested negative for harmful bacteria)
    • Quality assurance standards
      • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
      • Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP’s)
      • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s)
      • other industry best practices
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      Species Appropriate & Balanced Recipe >

      • 90% meat, organs, & bones
      • Balanced fat & minerals with optimum "Omega 6 to 3" and "Calcium to Phophorus" ratio
      • Low Linoleic Acid - helps reduce inflamation and allergies
      • Complete & Balanced for All Life Stages
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        Convenient Delivery >

        • Single orders or subscriptions. Your Choice!
        • Easy subscription management. Pause, edit, cancel anytime
        • Delivered frozen to your home. Just thaw & serve
        • Food stays frozen untill you get home on your delivery day. No signature required
        • FREE SHIPPING for orders 20 lbs or more. $15 flat shipping for 10-15 lbs orders
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          What a balanced raw diet can do for your dog

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          what others are saying

          Balanced Blends Raw Diet Reviews
          I was thrilled when I learned about Balanced Blends, a new company founded with the simple idea of creating a well-balanced raw diet to cover all nutritional needs of beloved dogs and cats. Balanced Blends has everything I want in a raw cat/dog food and all of my dogs and cat have been enjoying this food for the past couple of weeks. - Bethany

          "Mr. N took to the food right away without any hesitation and licked his plate clean. He is always ready and eager for dinner and this is a dog that will starve himself if he feels like the food is not up to par. He thinks if he does his best Oliver Twist impersonation, someone might take pity on him and add some extra food to his bowl. "Please, sir, I want some more."  - April
          Balanced Blends Raw Diet Reviews
          Did you know that feeding our four-legged best friends a species appropriate, balanced, raw diet doesn’t have to be complicated? Had I known how easy and convenient raw feeding can be, I would have started much sooner than I did! - Barbara

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