Founders Story

We the Founders (John, Christina, Tim, and Yik) are excited to bring the Balanced Blends recipes to pet families everywhere!

Why would we do this?  Frankly because we are big believers in feeding our family and friends healthy foods that are species appropriate rather than commercially processed products and have seen health benefits in ourselves and our fur babies who have perfect bills of health, shiny coats, and waste that doesn’t smell.

John and Christina’s Story:

In 2003, we adopted a pair of fur babies (Meep and Jade) from the humane society who both turned out to have special needs; they were rescued from a trailer and were part of an inbred, exponentially increasing population.  After years of costly medical bills, battling many issues, including uncontrollable vomiting and dehydration, accompanied by kidney issues through increasingly restrictive prescription diets and medication, we began to think more critically about the situation. We did a bunch of research into feline nutrition and learned that felines are obligate carnivores, so all the rich calorie dense fillers (grains, veggies, etc.) are not species appropriate and potentially unhealthy, yet used in many commercial products including the hypoallergenic diets that we were feeding them.  So we made the switch to a homemade recipe approximating an ancestral diet to fantastic results; Jade lived another full 3 years with a significant reduction in all her issues including her blood values which returned to normal.
Since Jade’s passing, we continued to invest the time and effort into making this diet for our family, but quickly learned that the time investment for a family of 4 is pretty high (all told 8+hours/month). Friends and family who’d seen the benefits in our family, or first hand through samples that we had given them, struggled with the time investment as well.  So we looked for commercial equivalents for either cats or dogs that met our requirements but turned up empty handed.

Tim’ Story:

Years ago while living out east, I was adopted by an adorable orange tabby named Tom who was an active indoor/outdoor fellow who supplemented his prescription kibble diet for older cats with whatever he could find including chipmunks and rodents. He was a real sweetheart loved by all who met him. After moving to Colorado, he began eating his prescription diet in greater volumes, as there are fewer outdoor critters for him to supplement his diet with. Sadly, his health declined and he passed away unexpectedly. I always thought that he was most healthy when he was eating, what we now know, was his ancestral diet.
So when I met John and he told me about his 4 cats and the raw diet he and Christina fed their little ones, it immediately reminded me of Tom and his “raw” diet. One day, I helped John and Christina make their food and experienced first hand the effort and time needed to prepare these healthy meals at home. So, I worked with John and Christina on how to help out other pet parents and haven’t looked back since!

Yik’s Story:

Since the day my wife, then girlfriend, adopted Mojo and Puffy, from a close friend of ours, she was keen on providing them with the healthiest diet. It wasn’t until we met John and Christina that we realized that we could do better than what we thought was already the best. Mojo, Puffy, and Jack (off-spring of Mojo & Puffy) were fed the best, premium kibble we could find. After hearing about raw diets, we quickly researched dog nutrition and found that many commercial dog foods out there are heavily processed and contained many ingredients that were not the best for our family. We quickly transitioned them to a raw diet. Now they are at a healthy weight, super active at the age of 9, and their poop doesn't even smell anymore! My wife and I are really glad to have been introduced to raw diets and, since they are family, we really want to keep Mojo, Puffy, and Jack as healthy as possible.

Based on our experiences we set out to provide a set of recipes to pet families everywhere that met the same minimum requirements that we have for our families:

  1. Species appropriate enriched “ancestral" diet. Our recipes are crafted with only all natural hormone free chicken and beef, organic fruits and veggies for dogs, as well as safe supplements provided by reliable manufacturers. Naturally, we continuously work with our supply chain to ensure all ingredients meet our stringent criteria.
  1. Safe handling through final packaging. Our process uses High Pressure Pasteurization after final packaging to ensure that any bacterial contaminants that were inadvertently introduced during production or via the source ingredients are destroyed. This level of safe handling is beyond the reach of home kitchens and not followed by many commercial suppliers as it raises the cost through additional complexity.
  1. Conveniently delivered to one's doorstep via a configurable subscription. Our mission is to ensure that all pet families are fed a healthy safe diet which requires the elimination of all excuses to “cheat” and therefore we settled on a subscription based, direct delivery, model that lets families tailor their delivery schedules to ensure that food is always on hand.
As an unlooked-for bonus, our fur babies have shinier coats and waste that doesn’t smell!
We hope that you’ll share your experiences with Balanced Blends diets with everyone!

To happy healthy families,


John, Christina, Tim, and Yik