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Photo Contest 

Submit a photo of your cat or dog celebrating the holiday 

and enter for a chance to win 5 lbs of Balanced Blends Raw Pet Food ($30 to $40 value).

How to enter:

  • Take a photo of your cat or dog celebrating the holiday
  • Post the photo on your (Pick One: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter)
  • Hashtag the photo with #BalancedBlends #BecauseTheyreFamily #HolidayContest
  • Submit your photo using the widget to enter the contest! (only 1 entry please)
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    healthier family

    Discover Better Nutrition with Balanced Blends

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    Balanced Blends was founded on the principles of providing appropriate diets for our cats and dogs. To provide a healthy and nutritious diet, we started to pay more attention to what we eat and what we feed our family, including our 4-legged family members. With this in mind, we set out to formulate and create a raw diet that is made with high quality ingredients, nutritionally balanced, and delivered conveniently to your door. We also make it a commitment of being transparent on how our foods are made and what goes in them so that pet parents can serve their loved ones without having to worry about anything, just like a homemade meal.