limitation of a
raw diet

Limitations of a homemade raw diet

how it all began

Balanced Blends started out with us making raw pet food in our homes for our cats and dogs. From our experience, making a complete and balanced raw diet which is safe from home is not an easy thing to do.

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providing a Complete and Balanced diet

A complete and balanced raw diet, per AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) standard is difficult to meet when you are making raw food for your cats and dogs at home. Although we know that it is quite possible to prepare a diet that would meet the requirement if you are able to determine what vitamins and minerals are missing. You can then add the missing vitamins and minerals accordingly. However, we find that this is difficult to do when one is making raw pet food at home. For us to create a diet that is complete and balanced, we formulate our raw diets with the help of a veterinarian and a board certified professional nutritionist. These experts were able to pinpoint the deficiency in our homemade raw diets. We are then able to formulate and enhance our recipes for Balanced Blends Raw Diets to meet and exceed the AAFCO standard for “complete and balanced for all life stages.”

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to cook or not to cook?

Safety is another part that is difficult to control when you are making raw food at home. Cooking is the only “kill-step” that is available at our home to ensure that our food is safe from harmful bacteria. In order to provide his cats a safe diet, John, our founder would cook the surface of the chicken thighs he used in making cat food to kill surface bacteria before grinding them up. However, cooking poses a risk as bones, although finely ground, are brittle and can splinter when they are cooked. This is very dangerous because it will harm the inside of our cats and dogs when the cooked bones are consumed. Cooking also defeats the purpose of serving a raw diet because it degrades the nutrients that are available in the food. To provide our four legged family member a nature diet that is appropriate for their species, we need to serve them a raw diet as they would eat in nature. To produce a safe diet that will keep most of its nutrients, we turn to High Pressure Processing, HPP. HPP, a natural anti-pathogen process approved by the USDA & FDA, uses water pressure as an anti-pathogen treatment and eliminates harmful bacteria in our raw food. HPP allows us to eliminate harmful bacteria without using any heat and retain the nutritional values of our raw diets.

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