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Contest Rules & Guidelines

  • All entries must use Balanced Blends Raw Pet Food as a featured ingredient. You can use other ingredients to complete your dish.
  • Please make sure your ingredients are safe for cats and dogs.
  • For Cat entries, please do not use fruits or vegetables. (We understand that some cat parents use small amount of fruits and vegetables to get vitamins and antioxidants into the diet. We have nothing against that. It is just we approach our cat food with a no fruits and veggies recipe and would like to be consistent in our messaging and communications.)
  • No grains
  • Please do not cook Balanced Blends Raw Pet Food

Important:  Please read these Official Rules before participating in the Contest.  By participating in the Contest, you agree to be bound by these Official Rules and represent that you satisfy all of the eligibility requirements in the Official Rules

How to Submit Your Entry 

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This Voting Competition Ended 10/31/16. 

Winners List

1st Place: Connie S. @tails_from_the_foster_kittens
2nd Place: Kristen F. @kristen.and.roxi
3rd Place: Jennifer S. @husky_trouble

Making Raw Feeding Fun Voting Competition Entry

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