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 Fresh Ingredients.  Wholesome Nutrition.

NO grains, NO gluten, NO fillers, NO artificial coloring, NO artificial preservatives. 

 Cage-Free USDA Chicken & All Natural USDA Beef
Organic Fruits & Vegetables (for dogs only)
Wild Caught Salmon Oil for Omega 3
Extra Safe - Learn how we make our food safe here
Complete & Balanced for All Life Stages

Conveniently Delivered to Your Home

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Balanced Blends Raw Diet Reviews
I was thrilled when I learned about Balanced Blends, a new company founded with the simple idea of creating a well-balanced raw diet to cover all nutritional needs of beloved dogs and cats. Balanced Blends has everything I want in a raw cat/dog food and all of my dogs and cat have been enjoying this food for the past couple of weeks. - Bethany
Balanced Blends Raw Diet Reviews
The KCC Gang has been eating Balanced Blends chicken and beef recipes for a couple of weeks now, and we give them 24 paws up! Seriously, the cats have been scarfing the food down like there’s no tomorrow. They have been thoroughly spoiled now, and I don’t think they’ll ever eat anything else – which is fine by me! - Emily
Balanced Blends Raw Diet Reviews
Did you know that feeding our four-legged best friends a species appropriate, balanced, raw diet doesn’t have to be complicated? Had I known how easy and convenient raw feeding can be, I would have started much sooner than I did! - Barbara

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