safe raw

Safe Raw Diet

We do all the worrying
so you don't have to

how we are safe

safe raw pet food

fresh ingredients

We start with the freshest USDA inspected ingredients

clean facility

All our foods are prepared in a refrigerated facility where we implement high sanitary standards

extra safe

Our foods are then cold pasteurized with High Pressure Processing (HPP) in their final packaging to eliminate recontamination from re-processing to patties/nuggets after HPP

high pressure processing (HPP) aka cold pasteurization

HPP uses high pressure (87,000 psi) to eliminate food borne pathogens without using any heat, irradiation, chemicals, or preservatives, making it a natural anti-pathogen treatment. HPP causes little to no change to the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals of the food. HPP is recognized by the FDA and USDA as a safe anti-pathogen treatment for natural and organic food.

test & hold

Balanced Blends Raw Diets use the “Test and Hold” protocol where our foods are lab tested by a third party laboratory and only released for sale after they are tested negative for harmful bacteria.

lot tracking

Our “Farm to Bowl” protocol allows us to pay attention to our production line from our ingredient sources to our four-legged family member’s bowl. We have lot tracking for all our food so that we are able to keep track of the ingredients that goes into every batch.

quality assurance standards

Our manufacturing partner has quality assurance standards which includes:

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP’s)
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s)
other industry best practices.


safe raw diet for cats & dogs