Shipping Fees

Order 20 lbs or more  FREE SHIPPING
Order 15 lbs $15 Flat Shipping Fee
Order 10 lbs $15 Flat Shipping Fee


Minimum Order 10 lbs (feel free to mix and match your order)

Shipping Details

* Orders are processed and shipped the next day

* If you are located 3 to 4 days away from our warehouse, please place your order by Monday (or the weekend before) for same week delivery

* Shipment that will not arrive the same week will be shipped the following Monday to avoid being stuck in transit over the weekend 

Estimated Transit Time

Shipping times are estimated. Shipping delays may occur during Holidays or due to weather conditions.

Shipping FAQ

How is the food shipped to me?

Your raw pet food will be shipped frozen in cooler with dry ice through FedEx. We pack enough dry ice (depending on the days of transit) to make sure that the food arrives to you frozen.


Do I need to be home to receive my shipment?

No. No signature is required for your shipment. Your raw pet food will remain frozen until you get home on your delivery day.


Why have I not received a tracking number for my order?

Orders are normally processed and shipped the next day. A tracking number will be provided at the end of the day your order is shipped.

Shipments that will not arrive the same week will be shipped the following Monday to avoid being stuck in transit over the weekend

If it has been a few days and you have not receive a tracking number, it is most likely because your shipment is scheduled to be shipped on the following Monday. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your shipment.


What do I do if my order arrives thawed?

It is very unlikely that your raw pet food will arrive to you thawed. In the unlikely event that it does, mostly due to shipping delays during holidays and bad weather, the food is safe to be refreeze, as long as it is still cold to touch (like refrigerated). If the food has become warm, please contact us for a refund or replacement, and discard the food.

If the food was thawed because you did not get to it on your delivery day, we may not be able to refund or replace your order. To ensure a hassle free refund or replacement, please contact us immediately (same day) if your shipment arrived in an unsatisfactory condition.


Can I return the cooler?

Unfortunately, no. We are unable to take cooler back. We recommend that you recycle, reuse, or donate them. We are working on using a more eco-friendly cooler that will be more easily recyclable/compostable.