how to set up a

How to set up a subscription
Step 1

Balanced Blends Raw Pet Food Subscription

Calculate the amount of food you will need for each delivery

You can choose your delivery frequencies, by weeks, so be sure to calculate your orders to at least 20LB per delivery for FREE SHIPPING

Step 2

Balanced Blends Raw Pet Food Subscription

Add the foods you would like for each delivery to your cart

Feel free to mix and match your orders between types and quantities

Step 3

Balanced Blends Raw Pet Food Subscription

Add recurring to your cart and choose the delivery frequencies

Subscription will apply to all items in the cart

You will be notified by email a few days before each delivery



manage your

To manage your subscription, simply log in and click on "Manage My Subscription", located under the "Store" tab.

You will be able to:

  • Add more food or increase the amount of food for each delivery
  • View upcoming delivery schedule
  • Change the frequency of your subscription
  • Pause your subscription
  • Skip one or multiple deliveries
  • Update your shipping address, credit card, and billing information
  • Cancel a subscription


Since subscription applies to your entire cart, one-time orders will need to be placed separately from subscription orders.

After placing your subscription order, your one-time orders can be placed on a separate cart and by selecting "one-time purchase" during checkout.